Shelling Charters

Secluded Shelling

It's no secret that Sanibel and Captiva offer world-class shelling opportunities, but have you ever ventured farther afield to the less-visited islands of North Captiva and Cayo Costa? Book a morning shelling charter with Captain Ben to this beachcomber's paradise and there's a great chance your feet will be the first to touch the sand, giving you the prime pick of any shells that washed ashore the previous night. 

We never know what the ocean will offer on any given day, but past treasure hunters have found perfect sand dollars, sea biscuits, lightning whelks, horse conchs, chestnut turbans, venus sunray clams, gaudy nauticas, and the list goes on...

Ben has extensive knowledge of Southwest Florida's native shells and can help you identify your finds.

$450/ 4 hours for up to 6 guests. Additional hours can be added upon request at a rate of $100 per hour.